Peace of mind on the road.

Carmen is a new generation technology that knows your car’s data in real-time and alerts you to potential problems, before it happens.

Drive smarter. Go further.

Carmen uses predictive technology to catch vehicle issues before they happen.

Car maintenance goes a long way in ensuring your safety in traffic. Between 2005 to 2007, 44,000 car accidents were caused by vehicle issues in the USA.

  1. Carmen’s dongle reads your car’s data
  2. If issues are detected, your car workshop is alerted
  3. You can also use the data to optimise your drive, saving you money

With Carmen, you'll always know if your car is in top driving condition.

Source: US Department of Transportation, National Highway Traffic Safety Administration

Data is collected during your drive and transmitted to your smartphone via Bluetooth.

This data is then uploaded to the cloud and analyzed for potential problems. If any are found, both you and your workshop are alerted.

The Carmen Package: a dongle you plug into your car, a mobile app for real-time data transmission, and an analytic web dashboard.

Keeping track of your car's health and maintenance.

Instant Error Reporting

Find problems before they become too costly to fix, or worse, cause an accident

Data Analytics

Vehicle is connected to Carmen to ensure proper operation and alerts of problems

Fuel Efficiency

Record fuel consumption and track spending on fuel. Optimise and save money!

Battery Health

Detect battery levels and reminds battery replacement before a breakdown happens

Regular Maintenance

Workshop of your choice tracks data, sets appointments for next maintenance. You’ll be notified via the app

Emergency Plans

In the event of break down, sends your location to tow company. Store insurance and workshop details in the app

Meet the Dongle.
Easy to install, easy to use.

  1. Plug the dongle into your car’s OBD port, under the dashboard. You will hear a 2 second long beep.
  2. Download the Carmen app. Register with your car’s registration number.
  3. Click on ‘Connect’ to use Bluetooth to pair your phone with the dongle.

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  • Weight: 28 grams
  • Power Consumption: DC, 9V
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth (Wireless)
  • Supported OBD Ports: Supports vehicles manufactured since 1996
  • Supported Protocols: J1850-VPW, J1850-PWM, ISO9141, ISO15765 and more

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Each purchase entitles you to one year’s free subscription to the analytics dashboard. The Carmen mobile apps are free on the respective app stores.

Trusted by others.
Carmen looks out for your family, work, and personal safety.

Whether you are driving to work or for family outings, Carmen watches over your car, ensuring you a safe drive on the roads.

"Carmen has helped me to prevent breakdowns before they even happen. My car has never been in a healthier state.

As it keeps track of how much fuel I use in my day-to-day routes, I have been able to understand which route is the best for me. It's even helped me to become a better driver!"

- Khairul Sufiyan Jasni
Car: 2010 Toyota Camry (2L)


Drive safer with Carmen.

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