Project Orion

What is Project Orion?

Project Orion revolutionaries the business landscape for the US$800 Billion Automotive Aftermarket. Project Orion redefines digital engagement for these Aftermarket B2B brands by using data to help them engage customers (car owners) at their point of need.

With Carmen, B2B brands now know exactly which car owner needs what service or product. Data helps B2B brands achieve customer retention and sell efficiently.  All these are executed using Carmen’s data. B2B brands always know the needs of the car owners and are ready to serve.

Business Model

Deployment of CarmenX Dongle

Upon signing up for the service online, Carmen will send the 4G IoT device over to the customer. Customer just need to plug the device into their OBD port located under their steering wheel


Car Owners

Collection and Analysis of Data to identify issues and rectification requirements


Vehicle Data Insights

Carmen partners with Enterprise (B2B) customers


Enterprise Customers

Relevant products and services are identified and sold to car owners via Carmen


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