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What happens when you connect your car to the internet?

Complex automotive technologies, made simple, with AI

Automotive Aftermarket B2B companies and Fleet Managers are using Carmen to engage customers and to understand their assets better. Our data helps them to achieve better sales, cost reductions and enhances their operational efficiencies. 

Carmen gives insights into vehicle conditions with deep-dive vehicle data, driver behaviour analysis and predictive maintenance. Our data give advance notification on vehicular problems like battery, temperature, fault codes, fuel efficiency, supporting vehicles in the ICE, Diesel, Hybrid and EV.

Welcome to Carmen Automotive.

Carmen Automotive was seeded in 2015 by Singapore’s prestigious public research institute embarked on a journey to connect automotive to the internet. 

Every vehicle has onboard computers (Engine Control Unit), these computers generate gigabytes of data at every second. Data is churned from these computers to provide information on the health of the various components in the vehicle. Data ranging from battery to airflow rate to driver behaviour. 

Carmen demystifies such complex data into simple to understand narratives through graphical data visualization. Welcome to the world of ConnectedCar, welcome to Carmen.


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Data Collected

ConnectedCar is arriving into a new norm

Carmen’s ConnectedCar solution is riding on an explosive growth of connected cars via the internet. The objective is to allow the vehicle to tap onto the variety of offerings from the internet. From the data captured, vehicle can tap on the various data applications and leverage on the power of the Cloud.

ConnectedCar is arriving at a new norm in the automobile industry and we can only expect it to get better.

The Data

Analytics and Insights to Achieve Predictive Maintenance with AI

Data that we capture from the ECU (Engine Control Unit) of the OBD port consists of Battery, Temperature, Mileage, Speed, RPM, MAF, Load Value, Throttle, Fuel Consumption and Fault Code. From these data, Carmen will perform analytics and generate insights to achieve Predictive Maintenance. Such Predictive Maintenance helps Fleet Managers to lower their cost of Fleet Maintenance. The same data helps car owners to prevent breakdowns and lower their cost of Maintenance.

Our Technology

Technology Made Simple

We turned the complexity of vehicle data into easy to understand and made it Cloud-based. Carmen Automotive embeds over 100-man-year experiences in Electrical Engineering, Automotive, Embedded, Data and Machine Learning into its 4G AIoT (Artificial Intelligence IoT)  CarmenX.

We turned the vehicle's complex data into easy to understand visual graphics and made it Cloud based.

CarmenX, our embedded technology that is able to navigate different engine control protocols allowing us to support OBD2 in private passenger cars to heavy vehicles using J1939 standards.

CarmenX is an AIoT (Artificial Intelligence infused IoT) device that includes a state of the art 32-bit ARM processor with AI state machine, a 4G LTE physical channel that ensures all data pushed to Cloud seamlessly. Adding to it, a GPS function that allows you to track your assets wherever they are.

Technology, it is that simple.

Carmen Automotive Is The Future

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