Artificial Intelligence

Make use of technology, to do the work for you, giving you peace of mind while travelling.

At Carmen Automotive, we make use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology to prevent your next car break down. With the use of AI technology, we are able to warn you about the battery or temperature of the vehicle, before anything happens.

With the help of AI, you would then know when do you need to change the battery or understand when your car is overheating, preventing it from breaking down your vehicle. Because preventive measure is cheaper than corrective measures.

Monitoring Your Battery

Carmen uses data captured from vehicle to process Predictive Maintenance on battery found in vehicles. These includes Lead Acid Battery in Petrol vehicles and Lithium Ion batteries commonly use in Electric Vehicles. Data points captured for Lead Acid Batteries, range from Overnight Battery value, Cranking value, Alternator Charging value, Temperature (of vehicle), driving distance and more.

Machine Learning

From all these data points, Artificial Intelligence is being develop in the form of Machine Language processing to determine the variable conditions of a erratic lead acid battery chemistry. The intelligence part includes processing these data to determine status and condition battery.

Range of Data

The dynamic and variable range of data, together with the known erratic level of behaviour will allow us to determine very accurately, when the Lead Acid Battery will show symptoms of failure. The accumulation of such symptomatic points, together with predictable model of Lead Acid chemistry allow us to factor in potential error points to dispel such errancies and ultimately lead to accurate prediction of battery failure.

Temperature Conditions

It is impossible to know temperature condition of vehicle until it overshoots and burns the car. The dashboard light in a car’s temperature monitoring systems are not design to provide pre-emptive information. In other words, vehicle will only trigger overheating when the temperature exceeds set limits, by then is too late. The vehicle is likely to overheat and catches fire.

Prolong Abnormal Temperature

Carmen’s solution understands this need and Carmen’s data captures this scenario. The Artificial Intelligence processing algorithm seeks prolong abnormal temperature behaviour or erratic patterns, but is insufficient to trigger overheat and notify to the driver of potential issues. Carmen’s machine learning couple with AI tracks the development of abnormal temperature behaviour.

Abnormal Behaviour

From these possible patterns, we then determine the validity intelligently and justifies or not the tracking of abnormal behaviour. Once the threshold limits are exceeded, Carmen will recommend vehicle to return to workshop for inspections. This prevents the vehicle from experiencing sudden issues.

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